It makes you stop and consider about what is really important. What did I do today for others? Do I ever do anything for people? I mean random things, just because I see a need? Do I look at others and tell myself they have nothing to do with me? Why? Does it make it easier for me to look away? To walk away?

I remember as a child watching a film during one of our classes, about children starving. I started to cry. I was not just wiping away a tear or two .. I ended up sobbing uncontrollably. The other kids in my class laughed and ridiculed my response. The teacher told me to go down to the nurses office and to “collect” myself. My principal told me it had been reported that I had “made a scene.” My grandparents were told that I was involved in an “incident.”

I was just a child.

I am pretty sure by the time most of my fellow classmates were in high school we were well on our way towards adulthood, with a whole suitcase full of understandings regarding what that would involve – at least in regards to our behaviour. No need to pat any of us down at the gate as we approached the departure lounge, to make sure we were not carrying any contraband with us from our childhood to our adulthood. Most of us would not even know when we last saw our compassion. Must of us would not know what to do with or how to connect with one another even if we did.

The messages were clear. Other people are not our business. Their need, should be unseen. Adults do not cry. It is not appropriate to feel emotions in public places.

Unfortunately, public places happens to be where most of us run into one another.


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